If Only You Know

18 Sep 2009

If only U know,
how I miss you
how I miss your smile
how I miss your laugh

If only You know,
how I miss the moment
when we met at the first time
about a year ago

If only U know,
how I love you
how I feel so blue
when I remember you

u should know,
this feel make my lungs congested
coz it wet
by a longing tears

ya know,
I wish u feel what I feel
feel when the entire world
go away from me
because I’m so lonely
without you, here…..

even I know,
you were created not for me
and I will not be your
since I fell in love with U

I will just pretend to hug you,
until you get here

Tasikmalaya, September, 17th 2009
Adr ‘Shng’ Astrjngg

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